Gallery Exhibitions:

*Long Beach: LB Art Expo, LB Open Studio Tour, Viento y Agua Coffeehouse Gallery, Coffee Cup Cafe, LB Art Exchange Annex, Berlin Coffeehouse, Portolio Annex Coffeehouse, Sipology Coffee, Sipology Red Kitchen, {open} Bookstore, Artists as Art Gallery, Exhibit [A], 4th Street Deli, Nino’s, Madhouse, Speakeasy Gallery, Alley 425, Studio 111, Work Evolution Laboratories, and the Basement Lounge.

*Los Angeles: Pehrspace, Stories Bookstore, and Eagle Rock Center for the Arts.

*Santa Cruz: Verve Coffee Roasters, Abbey Coffeehouse Lounge, and Firefly Coffee

*Santa Barbara: Café Zoma

*Humboldt: Beachcomber Café, Redwood Curtain Brewery, Wine Spot, Arcata Pizza and Deli, and the Local Beer Bar

*Sacramento: Broadacre Coffeehouse

*Portland: Gallery 11:11


*Work shown in L.A. Times in “Growing Experience in Long Beach” article.

*Humor Comics published in L.A. Record Magazine, Amass Magazine, and Phantom Lips Zine.

*Comics and illustrations published in Long Beach Post newspaper.

*Online Graphic Novels; “Pathetic Confessions of a Coffee Addict,” “Raul and the Revolution,” and “Bobby and Sammy” published by

*Graphic Novel Zines; “The Lion and the Zebra,” “Tired,” “La Flora Guadalupe,” and “The Adventure of Kevin” published under local Ku De Ta Los Angeles.

*Self Publications: “Cigarette Woe,” “The Beard of Buffalo Timbers,” “Stickers,” and “Black Candy,” a humor comic compilation.

*Illustration contribution to “A Stitch of Crime: the Poetry of Murder”

*Comic “The Pro’s and Cons of the Occupy Movement,” published on

*Illustrative contributions to “Yonic South” magazine

Murals/Public Art:

*We Love Long Beach sponsored: Two murals on Press Telegram building.

*Tire Trax sponsored: Collaboration on Grand Prix mural.

*Tinderbox sponsored: Live Art on massive wooden panels.

*”The Local Beer Bar” sponsored: Indoor mural.

*Work Evolution Laboratories (WElabs) sponsored: Indoor entryway mural.

Professional Design Work:

*Branding, t-shirt, cup design: Portola Coffeehouse

*Album cover design: Beachwood Coyotes, Rainman, Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel

*Band t-shirt design: Miniature Houses, Sister Crayon, Yellowbird Project, Honey Bunny

*Branding, web illustration design: Honey Bunny

*Branding design: “Speaking from the Heart,”  a non-profit speech aid group

*Branding design: “Unity for Orphans,” a non profit for Mexican orphans

*Book cover design: “Time Travel, Space, and Regrets,” a zine by Charlyne Yi of “Paper Hearts,” and “The Life and Times of Ruby Mathis,” a novel by Kelly Curry

*Business card design: Two Men and a Truck Moving Co., Drew Wall Massage Therapy, Elevated Edibles

*Political campaign cartoon: Peter Mathews for Congress

*Business sign design: Cheta Spa

*Comissions: Family portait of Glickman family, Bjornstad family, Hieran family, and Paul Collins, founder of famous 80’s band “The Beat.”

Tattoo design: for Matt Hefner, owner of the Pie Hole, Los Angeles

Tote Bag design: Zeeman Design commission

*Set design: Clothing, props, and set for Alive Theatre Company

*Event Posters: Mountain Man Record Label, 2010 Alive Theatre Play Festival, 2012 San Francisco Olympian Play Festival, Eugene and the 1914 band, Sipology Music Festival, Alyssandra Nighswonger band, Peter Mathews for Congress Music Fundraiser, Artists as Art Noise Festival, Raul Ruiz poetry book release

Video Design Work:

*Stop animation for music video, “Watch Out Nosferatu” by Alyssandra Nighswonger

*Stop animation for online commercial for Work Evolution Laboratories (weLabs)

*Stop animation for Greggory Moore’s novel promotion, “The Use of Regret”


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