daveDave Van Patten is a Long Beach based artist with focus on acrylic paint, paper cut outs, and ink illustration. His work demonstrates visuals ranging from dreamlike absurdism, psychedelic surrealism, childlike storybook simplicity, ethical fables, to disturbingly dark humor. He has published various humor comics in Los Angeles based art magazines,  and self published a number of graphic novel zines and twisted “children’s books for grown ups.”


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  1. robin hinchliffe

    betsy lohrer hall suggested that you might be interested in showing work in my may/june exhibit in san pedro called “unexpected activities” together with three or four other artists. angels’ ink gallery, at 366 w. 7th shows only drawings or works on paper. opening tonight is “papered over” with pieces by terry braunstein, angie bray, joyce dallal, susanna meters, christine nguyen and pam posey.
    want to write me back and we’ll talk about it?
    look forward to hearing from you, robin

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